Brussels invites you to stroll through and relive their forbidden romance. Chocolates, pralines and blossoms can add to the enjoyment of the senses. Moreover there are several lovely hotels and spas where you can recharge and relax together in sumptuous luxury. Vive l’amour!

Tram Experience

tram experience

How do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant?

Thermal and wellness centres

 Chill out in these relaxing oases with your partner or your friends

Fine dining restaurants

It is an open secret that Brussels has a long-standing love affair with haute-cuisine. It is indeed in our city in the 1970’s that a restaurant was for the very first time awarded 3 Michelin stars outside the French borders.

Marcolini - Minimes

Pierre Marcolini travels the world to find increasingly rare beans which he transforms in his workshop into the finest, most delicious couverture chocolates …

The Heart Museum

The heart has a worldwide symbolism and very quickly became the most prevalent and preferred symbol for love, besides winning an important place in the Christian religion...

MEM - Museum of Erotics and Mythology

Collector and former doctor Guy Martens has set up a foundation and makes his collection that he has built up over several decades open to the public...

David and Alice Van Buuren Museum

Harmony was the chief concern of David and Alice van Buuren when they designed their home: harmony in the interior's Art Deco style and harmony in the gardens that surround the house...

Galerie Libertine

In this temple dedicated to Venus and Eros, in the heart of the Sablon in Brussels, you will find written works, paintings, drawings, etchings, photographs and erotic objects from the Antiquity to modern day...

L'Amour Fou

Apart from a chill bar with tasty burgers, L’Amour Fou is a place live music and art rule! Convivial concerts, exhibitions changing every month, but also workshops, movies and sharing of the lust for life.
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