In Belgium, the Schools of Design are inexhaustible mines of talent. And as Brussels is at the busy crossroads between Latin and Germanic cultures, an open mind and a healthy curiosity are not the preserve of the happy few. The shops and studios that are springing up along Rue Antoine Dansaert provide a good sample: fashion for women, men, children and even babies, from head to toe, naturally.

The Power of Object(s) - Design Bestsellers in Belgium

What is design? And what is Belgian design? When does a product become an icon, the image of which sticks in everyone's mind? How does it become a bestseller?

Mode Parcours #14

On 24, 25 and 26 October 2014, MAD Brussels, is hosting the fourtheenth edition of its Mode Parcours! During 3 days visitors will discover this year installations of 45 designers showing of their new fashion collections, as well as performances, fashion shows, concerts and evening activities during the late night opening of Friday night.

This is not a fashion week but a fashion month

After New York, Milan, London and Paris' Fashion weeks, Brussels welcomes its fashion month "THIS IS NOT A FASHION WEEK, BUT A FASHION MONTH" laid on MAD Brussels. Many and different events will be organised during the month of October!

Retro / Vintage / Second Hand Brussels !

In Brussels, vintage is shining ! Flea markets, vintage shops, and antique boutiques are overflowing with design and fashion treasures - everything can be recycled and transformed!


Mini map sized for mode & design
This mini-map is available in English at the price of 0.50€. Buy online.

Maison Particulière

Maison Particulière is a private art center created by the initiative of a French couple of art collectors, Amaury and Myriam de Solages. Maison Particulière took form out of their deep desire for sharing their joy of living among ancient and modern works of arts.

Personal Shopper

 A stylist with a passion for fashion and shopping, the Personal Shopper uses his talent and address book to provide a "tailor-made" service and guarantee purchases to suit the customer’s style and budget.

Costume and Lace museum

Brussels card - Free entranceTwo 18th century gabled houses have had their interiors redesigned to accommodate the museum with the strongest local flavour; a place devoted to lace, embroidery, costume and high fashion.
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