Contemporary Brussels

Many contemporary artworks exist all over the region. These showcases of a number of disciplines can be seen as you walk through the streets of Brussels. There’s, for example, “La Betonneuse” by Wim Delvoye on Quai au Foin, or Arne Quinze’s monumental “The Sequence” next to the Flemish Parliament. Thanks to the artists and gallery owners, creativity is everywhere in every district. There’s also Art to be found in the design of some restaurants such as the Kwint, and in the interior design of hotels such as the Bloom or the White Hotel. But it’s also on our plates, with expert traditional chocolatiers such as Marcolini and many others.

Wiels - Contemporary Art Centre

Brussels card - Free entranceWIELS, the Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels, is an international laboratory for the creation and the diffusion of contemporary art.

Museums and art centres

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Une particularité bruxelloise réside dans la présence de nombreux centres d’art et collections privées. Ceux-ci participent à l’animation bouillonnante de la ville et offrent aux visiteurs la possibilité de partager leur passion pour l'art, amateurs éclairés ou simples amoureux des formes.

Neca Brussels

Brussels has an impressive number of contemporary art galleries, private collections and art centers. To know about their exhibitions program and their previews, be sure to get the NECA flyer.


In addition to the galleries, Brussels also has a bottomless pool of artists working alone or as groups in studios based in various parts of the city.

Brussels Art Walk

There’s no need to travel afar to find modern art. Brussels offers its space to works spanning all disciplines, which you can discover tucked away when you turn a corner or enter a district.

Street Art in Brussels

Street art has been gaining ground more or less everywhere for some years now. It first appeared as a political and anti-establishment protest in the streets of New York in the seventies.

Art in the metro

From the outset, the Brussels metro has a been a proper underground museum. The inventive brains behind it wanted each station to be different in terms of its identity


The mini-map “VISITBRUSSELS – Sized for Contemporary Art” mentions sixty or so galleries, art centres and urban art projects. It costs 1€ and is available in English from all our tourist information offices.

The Power of Object(s) - Design Bestsellers in Belgium

What is design? And what is Belgian design? When does a product become an icon, the image of which sticks in everyone's mind? How does it become a bestseller?

Mark Leckey - ‘Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials ‘

For his exhibition at WIELS, his first in Belgium and one of his largest to date, the artist will present a panoramic survey of both new and older work in addition to an artist-curated exhibition within the exhibition. Curator: Elena Filipovic

Music Palace. The power of music seen by visual artists

Contemporary artists from all over the world look at the relationship between music, the cultures surrounding it, and society.
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