Mention Brussels and it’s not long before you start talking about gastronomy. It’s true that this city has taste, know-how and traditions in the most flavoursome fields.

Brussels on draught

Although belgians are coffee drinkers, their cafés are known first And foremost for serving draught beer and, in a return to their roots and authenticity, traditional beers. belgians love their beer, drinking 100 litres of the beverage a year.

World food restaurants in Brussels

Brussels undeniably boasts an extremely varied offering of world food restaurants. It is indeed a major and long-standing trend which mirrors the cosmopolitan character of the city and its residents.

Filet américain

Filet américain, meaning American filet of beef when literally translated, aka américain préparé, is a major fixture in Brussels’ popular culinary tradition, in the same way as mussels are.

Neo-canteens and trendy eating houses

When it comes to a true sense of togetherness, Brussels is definitely the place to be. It has always been a welcoming and cosmopolitan city, open to the world and to its many visitors.

Gourmet experiences

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the city of Brussels supplies a rich assortment of cultural and festive events which have significantly transformed the face of our city over the last decade.

Chips, chip stands and brussels " zwanze "

Known around the world, the chip is a jewel of Belgian popular gastronomy. For any tourist visiting our capital it is absolutely unthinkable not to try out our famous, cheaply priced, inescapable “frites”.

10 classy terraces in Brussels

10 good reasons to come and drink or take a meal...

Brussels makes beef meat a treat!

Recently, a series of new places for fully-fledged meat-loving hardcore carnivores have been popping up on our city’s streets. Today however, high-quality beef meat is all the rage: noble breeds carefully selected and reared according to the most stringent standards.

Restaurant Notos : Constantin Erinkoglou

The man, who has spent over thirty years in Belgium with countless back-and-forth visits to his home country, takes a moment to give us his thoughts on our capital city.

Fine dining restaurants

It is an open secret that Brussels has a long-standing love affair with haute-cuisine. It is indeed in our city in the 1970’s that a restaurant was for the very first time awarded 3 Michelin stars outside the French borders.

Guided tours : Brussels and gastronomy

Guided tours
When Brussels is mentioned, it takes little time before the conversation turns to gastronomy! Chocolate is unquestionably the best known gourmet product! The “fritekots” [chips stands] fill the air in street corners and squares with their distinctive smell. Stroll through these places and savour the comments of local guides.

Find a local meal

Thanks to Bookalokal, you can eat with local people in their home and get an authentic Belgian experience...

Brussels urban food

Creativity Call for Brussels: a call for creativity and innovation is launched among residents of Brussels

Une minute de bon goût

"Une minute de bon goût" tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur l'alimentation des bruxellois... sans trop se prendre au sérieux !


Guided tours
Brussels's best recipes that you can do easily at home.

The Markets

To get out of the routine, and hypermarkets, there's nothing like making a detour through the market. You take your time, you drool over the tantalising stalls, you imagine tasty dishes, you get advice from a merchant. In all its districts, in the squares and along the avenues, Brussels reveals itself through its quality products and its welcoming ambiance.

workshop @ Laurent Gerbaud

Every Saturday, the Belgium Chocolate Master Laurent Gerbaud, welcome you to create your own chocolates. Liven them up with pistachios, ginger and others dried fruits according to your imagination and wishes.

Slow Food: Quality on our plates

 Goûter Bruxelles aims to showcase another side of Brussels, as an eco-gastronomic capital with a wide range of diverse resources...
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