Art Nouveau / Art Deco

In an age when neo-classical architecture was in full swing, Victor Horta’s question was to undermine existing conceptions and bring new talents to the fore. The Brussels scene quickly became a hive of frenzied activity thanks to the contributions made by the colleagues of this visionary, who included Hankar, Strauven, Blérot, the Delune brothers, Cauchie... and more than twenty others.


Horta museum

The Horta Museum is established in the private house and studio of the famous architect, Victor Horta (1861 - 1947). Built between 1898 and 1901, the two buildings are characteristic of Art Nouveau at its peak.

Pavillon Horta - Les passions humaines / Jef Lambeaux

An impressive bas relief by Jef Lambeaux (1852 - 1908): "Human Passions" in 17 blocks of Carrera marble...

Victor Horta and Brussels

Victor Horta was born in Ghent in 1861. His father, a skilled cobbler, passed on to him a liking for a job well done and the perseverance that made him a perfectionist, sometimes allowing himself only three hours of sleep a night.

Henry van de Velde (1863 – 1957)

Van de Velde was trained as painter, but developed further as an architect, interior designer, designer, teacher and artistic adviser. He left an impressive oeuvre and built up an international career, boasting a great number of creations in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and France...

Guided tours : Brussels, Art Nouveau and Art Deco

Guided tours
Many itineraries lead to the discovery of all the Art Nouveau and Art Deco gems. Victor Horta, a pioneering architect, would confer acclaim to this artistic movement, along with other personalities such as Hankar, Cauchie, the Delune brothers, accompanied by some twenty of their colleagues.

Réseau Art Nouveau Network

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network is a European coordination network, which brings together today many European cities around their magnificent Art nouveau heritage, in order to pursue an ambitious programme of study, protection and enhancer of Art nouveau.
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