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Discover Brussels Comics with a local

 Take a walk with a real citizen of Brussels through his personal relationship with the comic strips. Meet a Greeter and discover a story full of adventure with local tips, personal anecdotes and lesser known sights.

Brochures On Comics

There are so many different aspects to the comic strip landscape in Brussels. To help you to find your way around, VISITBRUSSELS offers various products which you can get from any of our tourist information offices.

Brussels and Comic Strip

Above all, don’t miss the ’comic strip trail’, which has involved thirty walls in the capital being covered with comic strip characters that are larger than in life in every sense and portrayed in the most comical situations...


The walls of the comic strip walk in detail

Discover in detail the walls of the comic strip walk. The story of the series, anecdotes and the most important dates... all their secrets will be revealed!

Guided tours : Brussels and the comic strip

Guided tours
Brussels is the native land of Tintin and Spirou, The Smurfs, Bob and Bobette and the famous Quick & Flupke have made children of all ages throughout the world dream, tremble and laugh. Come visit every corner of the city in the company of these lovable characters, immortalised in giant format on nearly 50 side walls of residential buildings.

Tintin and Brussels

Even though Hergé tried to smooth out some of the unduly glaring Brussels references, there is no doubt that the author derived inspiration from his own everyday life and the world he lived in.

From comic strip hero to film star

How fortunate that the Brussels comic strip heroes are made of paper - they would otherwise be getting big ideas of themselves, now that they've made it into the film world. And Tintin is not the only one.

Crowdfunding for comic strip mural

Non-profit making association Art-Mural, publishing company Sandawe and magazine 64_Page are currently launching a project of European comic strip murals which would be scattered across the region.

Video - Visitbrussels - Sized for comics

Video about Brussels and comic strip
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