Brussels Card 24 H - 48 H - 72 H

Brussels Card <FONT color=#cc0066>24 H - 48 H - 72 H </FONT>


Brussels card 24 H : 24.0€

Brussels card 48 H : 36.0€

Brussels card 72 H : 43.0€


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Discover Brussels with the Brussels Card :

Free access to many of the museums of Brussels

Unlimited travel on the STIB/MIVB trams, buses and underground lines

• A free city map

• Up to €6 off admissions to tourist attractions and tours

• Discounts (or free drink / dessert) in restaurants and bars

• A discount of between 5 and 25% in several Brussels shops and designer boutiques.

You can choose from a 24 H - 48 H or 72 H Brussels Card

Discover here all you need to know about the Brussels Card

Other informations

With the Brussels Card you will obtain an illustrated guide with information on the participating museums and other discounts included in the card.

Sales conditions:

The voucher can be exchanged in one of our tourism information centres :

BIP - Place Royale
Daily: 09 a.m. to 06 p.m.
Weekend and holidays: 10 a.m. to 06 p.m.
Closed : 25/12 and 1/1

Town Hall of Brussels
Daily: 09 a.m. to 06 p.m.
Closed : 25/12 and 1/1

Midi Station (Until October 31th 2014)
Daily: 09 a.m. to 06 p.m.
Closed : 25/12

Sales terms and conditions :
This voucher is valid for redemption only by the person(s) named above. It s not transferable, has no cash value, and may be redeemed only once.
Visitbrussels will not refund any unused or partially used activities or services.



20/12/2014 23:23

Mad said:

 Hello, I am wondering whether I can purchase the ticket online? And whether I will receive the card through email or post? I will arrive at Brussel airport and would like to take the bus no.12 to go to the city by using the card, is it possible? Thank you.

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02/06/2014 19:04

Melo said:

 I would like to buy the Brussels card online but could not add it in my shopping basket. How can I do so?   If it is not availble to book online, please confirm is that I can buy it at tourism information centre at Midi Station from 09 a.m. to 06 p.m. when I arrive on 16.6.2014.   Seems that the available date in different page of this website is showing different dates.   Thank you!    

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02/06/2014 09:43

JulieVM said:

 Dear Lex,   The Brussels Card allows you to use the public transport of the brussels transport company STIB (metro, tram and bus, except on lines 12 and 21 between Bourget-Brussels Airport) during its period of validity. So it's not possible to use it from the airport. You can exchange your voucher at the information desk at the Midi Train Station (open till August 31st), at the Grand-Place (5 minutes walking from the Central Train Station) or at the BIP - Brussels Info Place (10 minutes walking from the Cental Train Station).   Kind regards Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator          

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28/05/2014 11:31

Lex said:

Can I redeem the voucher I bought on the website at the airport> You say I CAN USE IT RIGHT FROM THE START? Remember I must travel from the airport        

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14/05/2014 10:18

Petrina said:

 Où est-ce qu'on peut acheter la carte s.v.p.  Petrina 

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17/01/2014 08:42

JulieVM said:

Bonjour Adeline, Il s'agit bien de 24h consécutives (de samedi 12h à dimanche 12h). Bien à vous, Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator

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15/01/2014 17:17

Adeline said:

Bonjour,   le pass 24 heures fonctionne bien sur 24 heures et non sur une journée? par exemple si l'on arrive le samedi midi et qu'on repart le dimanche midi, le pass 24 suffit?   Merci

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03/10/2013 13:11

JulieVM said:

Bonjour. En effet, tous les transports de la STIB (sauf sur le tronçon NATO-Brussels Airport) sont inclus dans la Brussels Card. Il s'agit d'une carte magnétique qui regroupe les entrées aux musées et les transports. Il vous suffira donc de scanner la carte aux bornes rouges dans les métros/trams/bus pour pouvoir les prendre. Bien à vous, Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator

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02/10/2013 18:37

asdianjali said:

 Bonjour. Si j'ai bien compris, avec la Brussels Card je peux emprunter gratuitement tous les transports en commun de Brussels? Il y a t-il un ticket donné lors de l'achat de la carte ou lorsque je prendrai les transports, devrais-je juste valider cette carte ou la montrer? Merci.

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23/09/2013 09:11

JulieVM said:

Bonjour, Il n'est malheureusement pas possible d'envoyer les cartes par la poste vu leur valeur. En achetant via notre e-shop, vous recevrez un voucher qui pourra être échangé dans l'office de tourisme à la Gare du Midi, à la Grand-Place ou à la Place Royale (Bip). Si vous avez d'autres questions, n'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail : Bien à vous, Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator

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17/09/2013 14:17


bonjour   J'ai organiser un week end à Bruxelles en octobre, et je souhauiterais acheter pour 19 personnes des Brussels pass 3 jours.   Est-il possible de les recevoir avant notre départ plutôt que de les récupérer à Bruxelles   comment puis-je acheter 19 brussels pass   Merci de vote réponse Valérie

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30/07/2013 10:03

JulieVM said:

Dear Sameh, As a general rule, for children below the age of 12 you don't have to buy a Brussels Card, from the point of view of saving money. Children get discounts at most museums and attractions. Kind regards, Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator

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23/07/2013 14:56

SAMEH said:


What about the card for child 10 years?

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22/05/2013 09:02

JulieVM said:

Beste, We hebben onlangs een probleem gehad met de website, het is daarom dat u de Brussels Card niet in het winkelwagentje kreeg. Dit probleem zou nu opgelost moeten zijn. Onze excuses voor het ongemak. Met vriendelijke groeten, Julie Van Muysewinkel - Sales Support Coordinator

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21/12/2012 19:24

bru said:

 I tried to buy 2 Brussels Cards today, but thanks to the misinformation on your homepage I was not able to do so. It says that you can buy the Brussels Card "In all belgian Fnac stores" - but at the Fnac Toison d'Or they don't sell it and they say they have never heard of it. Also, when I looked up the opening times of your desks, it said that the one in the Parliament was open today and only closed on 25/12 and 1/1. But when I went there, I only found a note saying "closed on 21/12". Not very good costumer service!

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