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  • Antonello Manacorda

    Antonello Manacorda

    place Sainte-Croix / Heilig-Kruisplein

    1050 Ixelles / Elsene

    Tel : +32 2 229 12 11
    Fax : 02-229.13.84
    Email :
    Website :

    Date de début : 16/04/2016
    Date de fin : 16/04/2016
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  • Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Anna Vinnitskaya

    Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Anna Vinnitskaya

    Anna Vinnitskaya, winner of the first prize of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2007 and of the prestigious price Leonard Bernstein 2008 (Schleswig-Holstein), is back in Brussels!
    Date de début : 21/02/2016
    Date de fin : 21/02/2016
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  • Les hommes viennent de Mars, Les femmes de Vénus 2

    Les hommes viennent de Mars, Les femmes de Vénus 2

    rue de l'Enseignement / Onderrichtsstraat

    1000 Bruxelles / Brussel

    Tel : 02-218.20.15
    Email :
    Website :

    Date de début : 23/02/2016
    Date de fin : 23/02/2016
    Map :Map c
    Street view :Street view
  • Gelukkig Zijn Sessie: Zon, zee en zomer

    Gelukkig Zijn Sessie: Zon, zee en zomer

    Leer al zingend Nederlands! Venez chanter, en néerlandais ! Come sing along, in Dutch!De you want to be happy (‘Gelukkig zijn')? Get rid of stress? Meet new people?Anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to learn Dutch and/or fervently sing along to Flemish classics, is welcome.You really don't have to be a great singer. Enjoyment and enthusiasm are the most important motives for participating.We provide a pianist, a singer to lead, the lyrics and something to drink.A collaboration between AB and theatre group Fast Forwarden, with the support of the Taalunie.With the ‘Warme dagen' in sight, while singing, we already head off on holiday to ‘Heist aan zee', ‘Blankenberge' and ‘Het strand van Oostende'.And ‘Het werd zomer'...PRICE: Free, after registering via, making mention of “Gelukkig Zijn + session date” in the subject description.
    Date de début : 15/06/2016
    Date de fin : 15/06/2016
    Map :Map d
    Street view :Street view
  • Shalosh (NY/ISR)

    Shalosh (NY/ISR)

    rue de Flandre / Vlaamsesteenweg

    1000 Bruxelles / Brussel

    Tel : 02-503.51.54
    Email :
    Website :

    Date de début : 17/04/2016
    Date de fin : 17/04/2016
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    Street view :Street view
  • Origami Rocks ep. 3 - Gentlemen of Verona & Spagguetta Orghasmmond

    Origami Rocks ep. 3 - Gentlemen of Verona & Spagguetta Orghasmmond

    Last chance to catch the spirit of Origami Rocks at Café Central on May 5th! For this last time our DA Giacomo Nervoso, also known as being the genuine Godfather of Spaghetti Rock, has selected his latest musical crushes just for you and only you!
    Date de début : 22/05/2016
    Date de fin : 22/05/2016
    Map :Map f
    Street view :Street view
  • Baio + Moonlight Matters

    Baio + Moonlight Matters

    rue August Orts / August Ortsstraat

    1000 Bruxelles / Brussel

    Tel : 02-550.03.50
    Fax : 02-550.03.40
    Email :
    Website :

    Date de début : 18/02/2016
    Date de fin : 18/02/2016
    Map :Map g
    Street view :Street view
  • Chris Watson - 'El Tren Fantasma' - Museum Night Fever

    Chris Watson - 'El Tren Fantasma' - Museum Night Fever

    Chris Watson is one of the world's best sound recordists. In the early 70s he founded and played in the experimental band Cabaret Voltaire from Sheffield. But after a few years he left the music industry to follow his passion: making field recordings of wildlife, nature and ambiences from around the world. He has worked for TV, film and radio and is what you might call a “purveyor” of soundtracks to the BBC and David Attenborough's natural science documentaries.At Museum Night Fever, in the magnificent, Flemish Neo-Renaissance-style ticket hall of the recently unveiled Train World (formerly Schaarbeek station) he presents his work El Tren Fantasma.El Tren Fantasma is Watson's 4th album, released on the British Touch label in 2011. It is an audio report/“musique concrète” composition based on a train journey across Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, between Los Mochis and Veracruz. Watson spent a month travelling the tracks of the “Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México” with the very last passengers before they abandoned the line. El Tren Fantasma recreates this “ghost train” journey and evokes memories of a not-so-distant past, the sound track to which features the ambiences, rhythms, people and animal noises along the tracks of one of Mexico's greatest engineering feats.The performance will involve an 8-channel surround sound system which gives the listener the impression of being right in the middle of the action.At Chris Watson's request, Belgian sound artist Els Viaene will be the “station announcer” on the evening.Museum Night Fever: once again Brussels is readying itself for the greatest museum festival of the year! On Saturday 5 March we celebrate the 9th edition of Museum Night Fever (or Brussels museum night). Between 7 pm and 1 am the museums of Brussels throw themselves open for a creative cross-pollination of exhibition, dance, performance, music, workshops, video and installations. And what's the challenge
    Date de début : 05/03/2016
    Date de fin : 05/03/2016
  • Michael Gira (Swans): solo

    Michael Gira (Swans): solo

    “Creator of some of the most intense, darkly poetic music ever to emerge from the States, he inspires a devotional following from the musicians and fans he has influenced over the decades.” (Clash) You'll have to wait until after the summer for a new Swans album but you can already appease your hunger with a good serve of Michael Gira solo. Armed with his acoustic guitar, just as you've seen him at work many times in AB. In the UK, he was even invited to perform in the prestigious Barbican... and the new Swans album will again be released via the equally prestigious Mute Records (Nick Cave, Arca,,...)
    Date de début : 13/04/2016
    Date de fin : 13/04/2016
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  • The

    The "Festival van de Gelijkheid" invites...

    The "Festival van de gelijkheid" is a day of inspirational debates, encounters and activities all relating to equality.
    Date de début : 24/02/2016
    Date de fin : 24/02/2016
    Map :Map j
    Street view :Street view