• Thematic kit - The First World War commemorations in the Brussels-Capital Region

    Thematic kit - The First World War commemorations in the Brussels-Capital Region

    During the First World War, Brussels was the sole European capital that was made to endure the long years of the occupation.
  • Mini-map - Commemoration 14-18

    Mini-map - Commemoration 14-18

    This mini-map brings daily life in occupied Brussels alive. All of the themes at play during the turbulent years of the occupation are touched on over a walking tour of the city: food shortages, refugees, the wounded, resistance, but also leisure and relaxation.
  • Mini-map - Surrealism in Brussels

    Mini-map - Surrealism in Brussels

    Brussels has successfully preserved the influence of one of the most surprising artistic movements of the 20th century: surrealism...
  • Mini-map - Flora walks

    Mini-map - Flora walks

    Illustrated with beautiful pictures, this mini-map invites you to discover the horticultural highlights of Brussels via the city’s most beautiful green spaces...
  • Mini-map - Jacques Brel

    Mini-map - Jacques Brel

    A cultural icon, Jacques Brel breathed and lived Belgium and its capital. Any study of Brel would be incomplete without understanding his intimate relationship with his hometown...
  • Mini-map - Contemporary Art

    Mini-map - Contemporary Art

    Brussels welcomes young up-and-coming artists and designers. With a mix of trends and influences...
  • Mini-map - Heritage

    Mini-map - Heritage

    Since 1998, Brussels’ Grand-Place has been included on the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites as being of exceptional world-wide value...
  • Mini-map - Brussels on draught

    Mini-map - Brussels on draught

    This handy mini-map shows why Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the country of beer. Two connected city walkabouts – one in the centre and one in the Marolles district to the south of the city centre – point the way to the nicest and best beer cafés...
  • Mini-map - Art Nouveau Art Deco

    Mini-map - Art Nouveau Art Deco

    Art Nouveau in Brussels came to maturity at the end of 19th century. This all-encompassing art, which dominated every field until 1920, is not only found in architecture, it also stamped its mark on furniture, carpets...
  • ProBook


    The vital tool for the press, media and Tour Operators. This contains more than 10 entertaining theme walks marked out on city plans.

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