• Brussels for All

    Brussels for All

    The new paper edition Brussels for all is a resource guide that is complemented by the website. It offers simple and concise information

  • Thematic kit - Contemporary art in brussels

    Thematic kit - Contemporary art in brussels

    For some years now, Brussels has been a real cultural crossroads for contemporary art. New galleries are opened here, artists exhibit their work, art even takes over the streets of the capital.
  • Thematic kit - Gay-friendly brussels

    Thematic kit - Gay-friendly brussels

    For several years, VISITBRUSSELS has been making it a point of honour to promote Brussels as the gay-friendly capital of 500 million Europeans.
  • Mini-map - Tintin in Brussels <!-- mini map minimap mini plan miniplan mini-plan -->

    Mini-map - Tintin in Brussels

    Brussels is indubitably the city of Tintin. Every small Brussels child grew up devouring the adventures of this intrepid globetrotter who is an integral part of Brussels culture. A leisurely promenade in the footsteps of Tintin and his creator in the heart of the capital...



  • Thematic kit - Sized for comics

    Thematic kit - Sized for comics

    Brussels is the capital city of comic strip! In each city district, as you wend your way along the streets and alleyways of brussels, comic strip is everywhere.
  • Thematic kit - It's Brusselicious

    Thematic kit - It's Brusselicious

    Brussels is the north... and the south. It always has been the crossroads of everything: Europe, major cultures, food and fashion. Well-established Brussels culinary traditions are a solid foundation for creative cooking, capable of producing surprising dishes...
  • Thematic kit - Jazz

    Thematic kit - Jazz

    Down through the centuries, Brussels has always been a hub, and that applies in the field of jazz too...
  • Mini-map - sized for Comics

    Mini-map - sized for Comics

    Meet Tintin, Astérix, Blake & Mortimer, Bob & Bobette (Spike & Suzy) or Lucky Luke with the comic strip trail. As you come across forty or so monumental frescoes you’ll get to know these legendary characters and their talented authors...
  • Thematic kit - Sized for Surrealism

    Thematic kit - Sized for Surrealism

    Brussels is revelling more than ever in its reputation as a surrealist city. It has succeeded in embodying the influence of one of the most astonishing artistic movements of the 20th century: surrealism.
  • Thematic kit - Brussels for chocolate lovers

    Thematic kit - Brussels for chocolate lovers

    If there's one product that's delicious and irresistible, it has to be chocolate. And, say the word chocolate and you think of Brussels. Yes, thanks to its chocolatiers, Brussels has built up such a reputation for itself...
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