The targeted tours: EXPO 58 - Experience the World Fair first- hand

The targeted tours: EXPO 58 - Experience the World Fair first- hand

The Brussels World Fair of 1958, the first universal exhibition after World War II, took place on the Heysel plateau. The event reflected the spirit of the era, attracted no less than 42 million visitors and left a lasting memory in Belgium.

The Atomium, originally planned as a temporary construction, was recently renovated and has become a Brussels landmark.
In the 50s Belgium flourished. It was the start of the Common Market, with Belgium playing a pioneering role. People started reaping the benefits of a lasting period of peaceful co-existence and a consumerist lifestyle was on its way.
However, the Cold War was omnipresent : while the first two Sputniks revolved around the earth, technological innovations rapidly succeeded each other.
51 countries participated in the ’58 World Fair. The US, the Soviet Union and the Asian countries tried to score off the others with ingeniously designed pavillions on a site of 500 acres. The Belgian colony the Congo showed its best exotic side. There was an atmosphere of wonder and euphoria embodied in " Merry Belgium " (currently Bruparck)
King Baudouin officially inaugurated the World Fair on 17 April 1958 and it closed on 19 October the same year.
During a 2/3 hour tour BITC/GBB guides show you around the 58 World Fair site, the Heysel plateau and the Ossegempark. Splendid stories recreate the atmoshere of this legendary epoch.
At the end of the walk, you’re free to visit the exhibitons in the Atomium and enjoy a wonderful panorama from the top sphere.
Terms of the visit
Groups of max. 20 / Price : € 135
(extra : entrance fee for individual optional visit to the Atomium)

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