The targeted tours: MEDIEVAL BRUSSELS

The targeted tours: MEDIEVAL BRUSSELS


According to a legend, bishop St Gery founded a chapel on one of the islands on the swamps of the Senne River.

Most historians agree that Brussels’ economic power started around the end of the
10th century. The town, situated on the crossing of the Senne River and the road connecting Cologne to Bruges, developed into an important economic, political and religious centre.
In the 11th century the local bishops built a church that became the famous St Michael (and Gudula) cathedral. Meanwhile, the Dukes of Brabant started building a palace on the Coudenberg Hill. The powerful duchy of Brabant controlled a region up to the towns of Breda, Nijvel, Tienen and Affligem.
By the year 1100 the town had its first fortified walls, some remnants of which can still be visited. A second wall was built in the 14th century, of which the Halle Gate is a silent witness.
During the 15th and the 16th century, the dukes of Brabant and Burgundy and later
Charles V turned Brussels into a flowering town, but disaster struck when a fire destroyed the palace in 1713.
Some 20 years before, in 1695, Louis XIV had Brussels bombarded for 2 days, destroying approximately 4,000 houses. Nevertheless, the Grand Place was restored to its full glory within 5 years.
The square boasts some of the finest guildhalls. Your guide will explain the significance of the gables of this most amazing architectural feature. You will be surprised by the various legends that were born throughout the centuries.
Next you will be invited to enjoy a superb view standing on one of the seven hills of Brussels, so as to discover the splendour of the lower town.
Your walking tour can get an extra dimension by paying a visit to one of the museums and churches open to the public, such as the Palace of the Coudenberg, the City Museum, the Church of the Lady of the Sablon and many others.
The altarpieces and the collection of tapestries in the Museum of Art & History are
a must.
Additional information can be found under the heading “museums”.
Meeting-point: BITC Office of the townhall on the Market Square
Duration: 3 hours (even a full day excursion is possible on request)
Groups of maximum 20 per guide

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Here you find other ideas for places to visit or events to do in Brussels, not taking into account the appreciation of other visitors for these places, nor for the area, the profile or the same experience.


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