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La Monnaie - De Munt

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Brussels card - 3 € ReductionIt was in this world-famous theatre that the revolutionary movement was born in 1830, during a performance of Auber's opera "La Muette de Portici". Destroyed by fire in 1855, it was rebuilt by J. Poelaert. Built in neoclassical style, at the front of the building there is a peristyle. On the entablature, a triangular pediment is decorated with a bas relief of E. Simonis representing the "Harmony of Human Passions".
The renovation of the opera house takes place between summer 2015 and spring 2016. Which forces us to present our projects elsewhere for nine months.

Other informations

La Monnaie has the immense pleasure and pride to announce that it has been elected OPERA HOUSE OF THE YEAR by a group of international correspondents in the annual report of the Opernwelt "Jahrbuch 2011" edition. Opernwelt, the German magazine devoted to opera is one of the most renowned publications on the world of opera.
Every year since 1994, at the end of the artistic season, a jury of 50 international critics elect 'The House of Opera of the Year' ('Opernhaus des Jahres'). The Jahrbuch asks cultural journalists to report on what they esteemed to be the best productions, creations, stage settings, decoration, singers, orchestras, choirs of the opera season 2010-2011. It is in this particular case not a question to be named once, twice or more by a certain number of journalists, (La Monnaie was named between 10 and 20 times in recent seasons) but the joint decision of the press who write for Opernwelt in the whole of Europe. It is also the first time, since the existence of the Jahrbuch, that a non-German opera house is given this award!
On top of this, La Monnaie has equally been given by the press the PRIZE OF THE BEST PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR for Meyerbeer's LES HUGUENOTS (a production by Olivier Py and Marc Minkowski). The most promising singer (NACHWUCHSSANGERIN DES JAHRES) of 2010-2011 is Yulia Lezhneva, the very young 21 year old Russian soprano who made her professional stage debut in the same production of the Huguenots.
Here is an excerpt from a press release sent by Opernwelt:
"Intendant Peter de Caluwe, so die Begründung, ist ein Mann mit klaren Überzeugungen und langem Atem. Seine vierte Spielzeit in Brüssel hat sich durch Produktionen ausgezeichnet, die ästhetisch ins Offene weisen und doch in sich geschlossen wirken. Eine sorgfältige Auswahl der Stücke verband sich mit einer ebenso sorgfältigen Zusammenstellung der Teams."
A response by Peter de Caluwe, general director of La Monnaie:
"This title is of great importance for la Monnaie as well as for our country. This award, which can be compared with the Oscars in the film business, places la Monnaie at the top of European opera houses. The double award of Opera of the year and the prize for best production has never occurred before. It is a wonderful appreciation for the teamwork that our house has achieved in the past years, as well as a powerful encouragement for us to pursue our strive for artistic excellence. Opernwelt has distinguished la Monnaie as a theatre proud of a long tradition of innovation, thus confirming its status of ambitious and qualitative creator and realiser of international productions."
La Monnaie has been named this year 42 times in all categories: besides best opera house and best production of the year, also best choir, best orchestra, best stage setting......

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