Molenbeek 2014


Molenbeek, Capital of Culture: EXCHANGES!

A title…

The title 'Capital of Culture', granted this year by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels together with the 'Cocof' (French Community Commission), puts every two years a city’s cultural vitality in the spotlight during a whole year.
After Liège in 2010 and La Louviere in 2012, Molenbeek is the first Brussels municipality that has won this title! Nine other municipalities were also in the running.
We can say that the inhabitants of Molenbeek, supported by local cultural partners, will be the main players of this edition 2014. Furthermore, with more than 200 associations, Molenbeek disposes of an exceptional sociocultural network. Our project aims to put this 'cultural melting pot' in the spotlight!

It’s all about exchanges!

Building bridges, forging bonds, generating new ambitions... Whether this happens by means of already existing initiatives or new projects meant to be perpetuated, this Capital of Culture binds itself to look for similarities, to bring people together and to stimulate exchanges between inhabitants, neighborhoods, companies and associations, around the canal or other unusual places that are worth discovering...
The municipality of Molenbeek, which is proud of this title and draws strength from it, doesn’t only intend to concretize a cultural project, but also - and especially – intends to witness an enriching human experience whose final objective is to unite all population layers. Promoting dialogue and mutual understanding, that is the driving force behind this Capital of Culture!
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