Brussels Ice Magic

Brussels Ice Magic
Following a successful stop in Paris, the International Festival of Ice Sculptures ‘Ice Magic’ will be visiting Brussels for the first time, in the sumptuous setting of the Place des Palais.
This flagship event is to be launched during the end-of-year festivities and will be held on the Place des Palais, from 20 December 2013 to 9 February 2014.
Drawing their inspiration from the wonderful world of comic strips, the sculptures will be erected in a huge 1,000m² pavilion, which is insulated to keep it cold. Over the three weeks preceding the opening, some 20 artist-sculptors from across the globe will have reproduced – with their own interpretation – dozens of famous characters and scenes taken from the world of comic strips, but set in a typically Brussels setting…
Four hundred and twenty tonnes of natural ice will be transformed, creating the worlds of Tintin, Quick & Flupke, the Smurfs, Gaston Lagaffe, Asterix, Boule et Bill, Thor, Spiderman, Lucky Luke and Thorgal… among so many others.
Nor should we forget to mention the numerous buildings and monuments that will make up the grandiose setting, all to the credit of Brussels. Some of the sculptures and scenes may be up to six metres high!
Come as a family or with friends to see this temporary exhibition, inspired by your favourite comic strip characters, who are turned into transparent and luminous ice for the occasion.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of the snow and ice.
Enjoy the thrill – together with a guaranteed red nose and cheeks – of sliding down the ice slide or sipping on a refreshing drink at the wonderful ice bar, dubbed the ‘Brussels Ice Bar’.
Be sure to bring your winter hat, scarf and gloves. The temperature in the ice pavilion never drops below minus 6°C. So warm clothes are highly recommended!
After this memorable frozen excursion, warm yourself up with a hot drink at the ‘Royal Café’.
And that’s not all!
Take yourself high into the sky by way of the Brussels Skyliner.
This enormous steel tower stands 85 metres high, and is being rolled out for the first time in our city. From the top, you can get a full panorama of Brussels, stretching as far as 12 km in every direction.
Admire Brussels, capital of Europe, with a bird's eye view.
The Festival will open its doors to the public, on Place des Palais, from 20 December 2013 to 9 February 2014 inclusive.



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Vincianne said:

I wanted to drink a shot at the ice bar, but.... nobody there to serve us....

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