Brussels via Washington DC

Brussels via Washington

Brussels Days: These are very special days when Brussels puts on its Sunday best and tries to outdo the largest metropolises.

The aim of the Brussels-Capital Region: to strengthen its position on the international stage, make optimum use of its economic potential, demonstrate or confirm its talents and know-how, highlight its cultural riches and its style of living.
Brussels is a city that dares to tackle its ambitions and design large-scale projects.
After Milan, Madrid, New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Washington DC, it is Beijing which is in 2014 the destination of the ninth edition of Brussels Days.

Why Beijing?

• For many years, the Brussels Region has led a particularly dynamic strategy in China, both with regard to the export promotion plan and attempts to attract foreign investors.
• Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the cooperation agreement between Beijing and the Brussels-Capital Region in 2014
• The recent development of China as a super power
• Brussels is a founding member of World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), an initiative of the Beijing Tourism Office
• Beijing is one of the priority destinations in the Brussels International action plans, Brussels Invest & Export and of

In order to throw a special spotlight on this anniversary and on "Brussels Days", an ambitious modern art exhibition entitled "MASTER MOULD AND COPY ROOM" will be held in the Chinese capital.

The aim of Brussels Days in Beijing remains the same - to position the Brussels-Capital Region on the international stage, to create networking opportunities at the highest level with companies and local authorities, to make optimum use of its economic potential, know-how, creative people, cultural riches, gastronomy and its tourism potential and MICE.

Exhibition opening : Master Mould And Copy Room

Exhibition opening : Master Mould And Copy Room
MASTER MOULD AND COPY ROOM is an exhibition organised by a Belgian VUB university team in Beijing.