Maps en Brochures

 Don’t know where to start in Brussels? You’re not alone. Fortunately, the city has plenty of brochures that guide you through our capital in their own way. Flip through the selection below and find the brochure that was made for you.

  • Thematic kit - The First World War commemorations in the Brussels-Capital Region

    Thematic kit - The First World War commemorations in the Brussels-Capital Region

    During the First World War, Brussels was the sole European capital that was made to endure the long years of the occupation.
  • Mini-map - Commemoration 14-18

    Mini-map - Commemoration 14-18

    This mini-map brings daily life in occupied Brussels alive. All of the themes at play during the turbulent years of the occupation are touched on over a walking tour of the city: food shortages, refugees, the wounded, resistance, but also leisure and relaxation.
  • Mini-map - Brussels on draught

    Mini-map - Brussels on draught

    This handy mini-map shows why Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the country of beer. Two connected city walkabouts – one in the centre and one in the Marolles district to the south of the city centre – point the way to the nicest and best beer cafés...
  • Mini-map - Art Nouveau Art Deco

    Mini-map - Art Nouveau Art Deco

    Art Nouveau in Brussels came to maturity at the end of 19th century. This all-encompassing art, which dominated every field until 1920, is not only found in architecture, it also stamped its mark on furniture, carpets...
  • ProBook


    The vital tool for the press, media and Tour Operators. This contains more than 10 entertaining theme walks marked out on city plans.

  • Brussels for All

    Brussels for All

    The new paper edition Brussels for all is a resource guide that is complemented by the website. It offers simple and concise information

  • Thematic kit - Contemporary art in brussels

    Thematic kit - Contemporary art in brussels

    For some years now, Brussels has been a real cultural crossroads for contemporary art. New galleries are opened here, artists exhibit their work, art even takes over the streets of the capital.
  • Thematic kit - Gay-friendly brussels

    Thematic kit - Gay-friendly brussels

    For several years, VISITBRUSSELS has been making it a point of honour to promote Brussels as the gay-friendly capital of 500 million Europeans.
  • Mini-map - Tintin in Brussels <!-- mini map minimap mini plan miniplan mini-plan -->

    Mini-map - Tintin in Brussels

    A leisurely promenade in the footsteps of Tintin and his creator in the heart of Brussels...



  • Thematic kit - Sized for comics

    Thematic kit - Sized for comics

    Brussels is the capital city of comic strip! In each city district, as you wend your way along the streets and alleyways of brussels, comic strip is everywhere.
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