Europe Direct Brussels

Event : The 28 on your plate

Embark on an unique journey through Europe with this culinary tour that will allow you to enjoy the flavors and traditions of the 28 members countries. On 22nd June from 12 to 19pm on the Esplanade of the European Parliament in Brussels!

Facing the future

An exhibition shedding light on about 160 works created between 1945 and 1968 by artists from Europe and the former Soviet Union.To discover in BOZAR from 24 June to 25 September 2016.

The European Council

(Video) The European Coucil: how does it works? Take a peak behind the scenes at the ways EU heads of state and government wrangle, veto and reach compromise on issues in the EU Council.

Visit the EU institutions : it’s possible !

Visit the EU institutions : it’s possible !
Visit of the European Commission - the European Parliament - Council of the European Union - Committee of the Regions - European Economic and Social Commitee

EU Funding

EU Funding

Do you need help to finance your project ? Have a look at the EU funding opportunities