• Tram Experience

    Tram Experience

    The Tram Experience is back for even more gourmet adventures!
    Date de début : 14/05/2013
    Date de fin : 12/07/2015
  • 14-18, it's our history!

    14-18, it's our history!

    The visitor will discover through authentic objects, sceneries, testimonies, multimedia, cinema films and immersive spaces how this conflict has profoundly influenced the history of the 20th century...
    Date de début : 26/02/2014
    Date de fin : 26/04/2015
    Map :Map a
    Street view :Street view
  • Glamour 30's Fashion Expo

    Glamour 30's Fashion Expo

    After the Roaring Twenties and the flappers who gave themselves up to every extravagance, women returned to more discretion and unostentatious luxury
    Date de début : 03/04/2014
    Date de fin : 01/02/2015
    Map :Map b
    Street view :Street view
  • 14-18 Brussels on German time

    14-18 Brussels on German time

    The exhibition presents numerous photographs, objects, audio-visual documents, posters, press cuttings...not to mention the remarkable caricatures drawn by Brussels-based artists between 1914 and 1918, frequently circulating illicitly and which now represent a precious historical record depicting the spirit of the civilians during the Great War.
    Date de début : 21/08/2014
    Date de fin : 03/05/2015
    Map :Map c
    Street view :Street view
  • Shock! 1914... What if war would start tomorrow?

    Shock! 1914... What if war would start tomorrow?

    1914 : invasion, massacres, cities in ruins… How did the Belgian population experience these shocks, 100 years ago? How did the Belgians get information about the events? How did information get 'produced'?
    Date de début : 11/09/2014
    Date de fin : 28/02/2015
    Map :Map d
    Street view :Street view
  • Brussels, my bubble

    Brussels, my bubble

    Between the Sacred Isle (‘Ilot Sacré') and the European quarter, to the north of the canal and the south of the River Woluwe, live the people of Brussels. In joint tribute both to the 25 years of the Brussels-Capital region and to its own 25th anniversary, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre has set out to capture the image of Brussels as seen in the comic strip of the last 25 years (1989-2014).
    Date de début : 16/09/2014
    Date de fin : 03/03/2015
    Map :Map e
    Street view :Street view
  • Music Palace. The power of music seen by visual artists

    Music Palace. The power of music seen by visual artists

    Contemporary artists from all over the world look at the relationship between music, the cultures surrounding it, and society.
    Date de début : 25/09/2014
    Date de fin : 08/02/2015
    Map :Map f
    Street view :Street view
  • Lascaux - The Sistine Chapel of the Prehistory

    Lascaux - The Sistine Chapel of the Prehistory

    The 20,000-year-old paintings in the cave at Lascaux in the Dordogne, discovered in 1940, can no longer be visited by the public. This travelling exhibition, opening on 14 November 2014...
    Date de début : 14/11/2014
    Date de fin : 15/03/2015
    Map :Map g
    Street view :Street view
  • Fashion Art EU

    Fashion Art EU

    The exhibition 'Fashion Art EU' illustrates the ideals of harmony and integration for which the European Union stands.
    Date de début : 20/11/2014
    Date de fin : 15/05/2015
    Map :Map h
    Street view :Street view
  • Rosinski of Poland

    Rosinski of Poland

    A true comic strip genius, Grzegorz Rosinski was born in Stalowa Wola in 1941.
    Date de début : 02/12/2014
    Date de fin : 31/05/2015
    Map :Map i
    Street view :Street view
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