Parties in Brussels

Parties in Brussels

Knowing which are the coolest venues in Brussels is not enough to experience its nightlife.

Some venues are the "place to be' on some specific nights of the week, but not in other nights. If you show up the "wrong" night, you will not understand why all your friends where so enthusiastic about it!
A lot of people are crazy in love with some parties but can not tell you where and when the next one will be held. Some of the parties are organised every week or every month in the same location, some others are held only one or two times a year, or depends on the motivation of the crew...
Fortunately there's a sesame which will open you the doors of the nicest events in the city : the name of the parties is the first step to an extraordinary nightlife in the Capital...
80 s kitschIn 80’s We Trust
When : Every Wednesday
Where: Madame Moustache
What: Remember the days when dancing was a religion... children of the 80's here we come! (free entrance)
Web :
Lyndi Hop
When: every Wednesday (from 8 till 11 pm)
Where: Madame Moustache
What: Lindy Hop dance evenings, organized by 2 Brussels dance schools. With live jazz music from the twenties by the Dixie Ramblers (New Orleans/BE-Jazz)! (free entrance)
At Seven
When: every second Thursday
Where: Mirano continental
What: parties for the international community of Brussels
What : Groove music party from funky to disco, jazz, italo, soul, house, techno, bass, jungle or afrobeat
Where: Bonnefooi
When: once a month
Drum Room
What: A drum party with a whole concept from decoration to music and live acts
Where: check their FB page
When: once a month usually
When : once a month
Where : Club la Vilaine
What : "Journey from Paradise Garage to the Warehouse"
Web :
LibertineLibertine Supersport
When: one Friday per month
Where: Bloody L.
What: "Because We Never Sleep on Friday Night We Dream"
Electro party in one of the most trendy place of Brussels
When: Monthly
Where: Different locations
What: "El derecho de ser felices" ("The right to be happy")
Spanish-Italian style parties, with concerts and DJ's bringing together Belgian, Expat community and Erasmus Students
What: Groovalicious is a party concept dedicated to urban roots & global grooves.
Where: La Tentation
When: monthly
Just a night
When: Once a month
Where: Several places "Best places of Brussels" (Hotel Barsey, Parc Savoy, Cospaia)
What: "Glamour" Exclusive event focusing on the place and people with mainstream music
What: A collective of bass addicts with a music label, a weekly radioshow and parties
Where: check the event’s information
When: once a month
Strictly Niceness
When: Monthly, Every First Saturday
Where: La Bodega, 30 rue de Birmingham - 1080 Brussels
What: "Expect Timeless Classics and Discoveries in Funk, Soul and Beyond" Funky parties for dancing and smiling people
When: monthly
Where: Bazaar
What: Leftorium’s purpose is to ignore the boundaries of genre classifications within 4/4 dance music. Their parties always display a coherent and non-purist mix of cool & modern dance music with an edge and a special Leftorium twist, designed for a mature clubbing audience, to keep the vibe fresh and exclusive.
The Twist
When : once a month
Where: Madame Moustache
What: black music from the 50s, 60s and 70s : heavy rhythm&blues, superswinging rock&roll, fingersnapping jazz, stomping soul, hardhitting funk and more hybrid tunes that will bug you out.
When : the second Saturday of the month
Where: Mirano Continental & twice a year at a secret location
What : "The event that pleases your eyes and your ears" - Mix of sounds, images and interactions
Web :
When: Every two or three months
Where: Different venues
What: Presentation of a talent scout (a magazine, blog or social network) related to the musical sphere through the artists that it defends
Afro Heat
When: Several times a year
Where: Different location
What: African Funk from the 70's
Bitchy Butch
When: Check their websites
Where: Barrio
What: "Du Rock et des baisers"
Rock, electro pop for Gay guys
Cat Club 
When: Depending on the agenda
Where: Different venues
What: Electro parties bringing a lesbian/lesbian friendly public and people working in the artistic and creative industry
Club New Wave
When: Several times a year
Where: La Bodega
What: "Fully dedicated to new wave, cold wave, minimal electro, 80's music and synth pop"
Dansez-vous Français ?
When: See their agenda
Where: Métro Valdi and sometimes at Jour de Fêtes
What: Alternative gay party
What: Brussels based Psytrance Party Organisation with a whole concept from music to deco and VJ’s
Where: Different venues
When: Check the agenda, several times a year
When : Several times a year
Where : Different private venues
What : Private parties in privates venues, limited capacity, inviting Electro DJs
Folies bourgeoises
When : 3-4 times per year
Where : different venues
What : Folies Bourgeoises
Fondation Sonore
What: Fondation Sonore is a Belgium based record label and outpost for hard techno and industrial music events.
Where: Different venues
When: Several times a year
Holger TracksHolger Tracks
When: Several times a year
Where: Different venues
What: "We rock the Beat" Live music + DJ Set
Is Back
When: Depending on the agenda
Where: Different venues
What: Drum&Bass Party
High Needs Low
When: several times a year
Where: Different location
What: Electro party mixing sound and visual experience
When: Depending on the agenda
Where: Fuse
What: "Quality Techno parties across Europe"
Los Niños
When: Several times a year (about 5 times a year)
Where: Different venues
What: "For people with more style than cash" and "Where nature meets neon" Each party is different, depending on the venue, the dj, the mood. Electro, pop, rock, punk music...
Last Days of
What: a visual art and music party popular in the LGBT Community
Where: Different venues
When: Several times a year
What: Electronic music parties
Where: check the agenda
When: check agenda
Love Party
What: After the Dirty Dancing parties adventure - the most legendary parties at the time - the DJ & founder is back with a new concept of electro parties...
Where: Cercle de Lorraine
When: check agenda
Lukas PartiesLukas Parties
When: See their agenda
Where: KultuurKaffee - VUB
What: Electro parties (organized by students) "The intention of a playdate is to give children time to interact freely in a less structured environment than other planned activities might provide."
MergeMerge Party
When: Follow their FB page
Where: underground venues
What: Underground Arty Party.
Mon Cul Ta Praline
When: Depending on the agenda
Where: different venues
What: Eclectic, unexpected, Lesbian party
What: Electronic music party concept
Where: Check their agenda
When: Check the agenda
Open Noise
What: Brussels collective based on promotion of electronic music associated with arts
Where: check agenda
When: check agenda
MoonlightRomance Moderne
What: Music label and party concept dedicated to analog sounds.
Where: Café Central
When: Check their Facebook page to check if they are throwing a party
MoonlightSubliminal Vibes
What: Chill, Dub, Lounge, House, Tech-House, Minimal, Techno...
Where: check the agenda
When: check the agenda
Soul Vibration
What: Jamaican Music : Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae
Where: Different venues
When: Several times a year
80 s kitschSysmo
When : See their agenda, several times a year
Where: Différents venues
What: “We play sysmic music. You dance” : 14 percussionst, 1 DJ doing rythmic improvisation
Web :
What: A real techno party on a Sunday afternoon with finest DJs
Where: Salle Rogier
When: Sunday afternoons according to agenda
What: “innovating and quality music, mainly vinyl for special occasions.”
Where: From Metro station to boats...
When: Several times a year, check their website
When: Depending on the agenda
Where: Different locations
What: "? ich tanze für die ZUKUNFT tanz mit mir ? Amazing music + Great performances + Nice people + Wonderful Venue" -Electro parties
When: every two or three months
Where: Jour de Fête
What: Primecut Oldies / Allround Roots / Timeless Grooves
Open the Box
When: for or five times a year
Where ; different venues
What: Creating an intimate and open-minded atmosphere while inviting international guest DJ's - mainly first timers - along local talents. Eclectic blend of electronic dance music.


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Written by Yelyam.
Yelyam is a local and she's writing some tips and knowledge about the city in different publications (Spotted by Locals, Cityplug, etc...).
Every week she's sharing her agenda on on her personal blog, “I’m Not On The Guest List”. -



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