Chalet Robinson
A mythical and unmissable place in the Bois de la Cambre, the Chalet Robinson standing on its island had to be rebuilt twice following fires, since it was built originally in 1877. The latest reconstruction was completed recently, showcasing species of wood from sustainable forests and plantations. People come here to eat, drink or party, depending on the time. It's a must!
Maison des Energies Renouvelables
Located just a few steps from the European Parliament, the Renewable Energy House occupies three old town houses (dating from 1860), which have been completely renovated according to the principles of sustainability and energy saving. All the energy needs of the home and activities that take place there, heating, ventilation, electricity is 100% renewable (solar, biomass, geothermal energy). The house is currently home to a hundred employees of 18 associations connected with the European renewable energy sector. The exemplary nature of the renovation and operation of the house attracts over 15,000 visitors a year.
The Ancienne Belgique
This cultural institution which organises concerts has introduced a system of reusable cups at concerts and encourages the use of public transport and carpooling on its website. It also calculates the ecological footprint of its activities.
Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie
La Monnaie, the Brussels Opera House, is one of the leading institutions in Brussels and is renowned for many artistic endeavours. In addition, la Monnaie is unusual because it combines cultural programming and environmental certification.
Nemo 33
Founded in 1996 to allow everyone to discover or rediscover the pleasures of diving without going to the other end of the world, this initiative - the deepest pool in the world - was designed with technologies intended to conserve the environment: using energy recovery systems and solar panels installed on the entire roof surface, the Nemo 33 pool consumes 50% less energy than a traditional swimming pool.
La Tricoterie - fabriquer des liens (french)
Ces activités sur la toile se sont petit à petit étendues sur le terrain, avec l’organisation de diverses formations (artistiques, multimédia...) ainsi qu’avec la création de " Rent-an-actor ", une agence dont le but est de jeter des ponts entre le monde du spectacle et le monde de l’entreprise, en valorisant l’expertise et la plus-value que peuvent apporter les artistes, notamment dans l’événementiel. La suite logique de ce parcours était de revenir au désir formulé lors de la création de Vertige asbl, à savoir investir un lieu qui pourrait accueillir et développer ces activités, dans une dynamique innovante et porteuse de sens.


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