Brussels Greeters

Brussels Greeters
'Greeter, nothing but a Greeter...' sounds like a new line from an old Supertramp song. But here we are talking about city volunteers who act as a sort of ambassador for Brussels. A Greeter is a Brussels native who adores his or her city and wants to show it to others, from a sustainable tourism perspective. The initiative successfully launched, in May 2010. And what better way of discovering Brussels than by exploring its less familiar facets and areas with someone born and bred in the city? A Brussels Greeter experience costs nothing, lasts between two and four hours, and favours 'soft mobility' (public transport, walking or biking). Each Greeter programme is decided by the Greeter with input from the participants. Note that the number of participants is deliberately limited, to foster a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Many stories already posted on the web highlight just how happy participants are, after taking their trip round Brussels with a Greeter. Some lasting friendships have also been born as a result of these encounters. If you would like to find out more about this alternative form of tourism, just complete the online form 'Meet a Brussels Greeter'.
"I often go to Brussels for my job. One day, when I was talking to one of my colleagues, I heard something about a Greeter network that existed in Brussels. Nice opportunity for me as I did not know what to do in my free time. [...] In September 2010, I met Glenn, my Greeter during a 4 hours- walk in Brussels. Glenn was really a person with an open mind and an interesting view on Brussels. What I liked the most about Brussels was the diversity of the unrevealed districts, the kindness of the people, the amount of cafés, bars and restaurants where you can sit down and relax a little. A walk with a Greeter really allows you to discover other aspects of the city. It is a wonderful counterpart of the classic visits to Brussels, to the official touristic parts." Klaus

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15/04/2015 10:00

Carolyn said:

 I will be staying in Brussels mid-June for 3-4 days. How would I contact a Brussels greeter? I only speak English. Thanks for your response.

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03/09/2013 14:07

Pilar said:

BOnjour Qq vous avez pour faire visiter aux touristes cette été ??   Merci d eme épondre au   32 474 48 46 78   Bien à vous,   Pilar OSPINA ACEVEDO GF  

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