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Are you on your own, with your family, friends or a group? Do you prefer to discover Brussels on foot, by bicycle, by bus or even by boat? Do you want to know about the history, monuments and to discover the gastronomy and folklore of Brussels? Then let the best ambassadors of Brussels guide you through your interests…
Architecture monuments and neighbourhoods
The “Grand Place” [Market Square], the most beautiful such square in the world, the Manneken Pis, that cheeky little man with a far more extensive wardrobe than yours, the Saint-Hubert Galleries… Gear up to discover many monuments and the neighbourhoods of the different municipalities of Brussels.

Brussels, Art Nouveau and Art Deco
Many itineraries lead to the discovery of all the Art Nouveau and Art Deco gems. Victor Horta, a pioneering architect, would confer acclaim to this artistic movement, along with other personalities such as Hankar, Cauchie, the Delune brothers, accompanied by some twenty of their colleagues.

Brussels and gastronomy
When Brussels is mentioned, it takes little time before the conversation turns to gastronomy! Chocolate is unquestionably the best known gourmet product! Beer is the favourite beverage of Brussels denizens and of those who visit us. The “fritekots” [chips stands] fill the air in street corners and squares with their distinctive smell. Stroll through these places and savour the comments of local guides.

Brussels, its history and its archaeological traces
Come and relive the historical events with a Brussels guide who will tell you the story of Brussels from its origins to the present day, and point out highlights still engraved in the streets and quarters of Brussels.


Brussels and the arts
Brussels talks through its arts: from graffiti to sgraffiti and paintings that adorn the metro stations, its many art galleries and exhibitions attest to the feel of many local and international artists. Discover the architecture, sculpture, statues but also the metropolitan arts that come into their own.

Brussels, its folklore and its joy of living
Creativity and folklore in Brussels reflect the art of living: fashion, design, and diversity are given pride of place everywhere in the studios and display windows: from vintage to refined rawness, from minimalism to kitsch. All the styles of art and of life are there. Anecdotes, nonsense, patois, entertainment and urban legends… your guide will tell you all about it.

Brussels and its green spaces
Brussels is a real lung of greenery: historic parks, small squares and large shaded avenues, but also town gardens. Itineraries geared to the environment, nature and their preservation are on the programme. Discover some listed natural or historical sites, where nature and culture go together very well.

Brussels and its famous personalities
Who are those famous characters who influenced the way of thinking, customs and pace of life for Brussels residents? We will discover Jacques Brel, Victor Hugo, Solvay or other writers or political thinkers such as Karl Marx and heroic women who left their mark on Brussels and its inhabitants.

Brussels, capital of Europe
Capital of 500 million Europeans, Brussels is the most important city at European level. There is a high density of business men and women per m² in the European quarter and the Place du Luxembourg is a real world agora. Your guide will give a new meaning to the word “Europe.” Feel the soul of this quarter, the result of a mild blend of 27 different cultures.

Strange and surrealistic Brussels
Every self-respecting Brussels resident has surrealism in the blood; not Cartesian for a bob, but rather expert in cheeky repartee, s/he can cheerfully revel in derision and the paradox. After all, isn’t the city’s greatest character, a little chap 50 cm tall that pees at the corner of a street? We invite you to discover Brussels where originality stands out without restraint!

Brussels and industry
The past of Brussels bears witness of the switch to industrialisation: many industries emerged, and industrial districts developed chiefly along its canal. Come and discover this strange aspect of industrial archaeology, work and its marks in the streets and on the quays.

Brussels, laws, thoughts and religion
Who conveys the mentality, culture and traditions of the inhabitants of Brussels? Come and learn how to decipher the influence of conquests and its various foreign occupations, approach the mysteries of Freemasonry, appreciate the Courthouse, the religious buildings, and discover the different religions in Brussels.

Brussels and its final resting places
For amateurs of funerary heritage, Brussels plays host to many final resting places that are well worth a visit. You will get an opportunity to discover funerary art in greater detail and to walk through the most curious cemeteries of Brussels. Come also and appreciate our architectural marvels in these many burial sites.

Multicultural Brussels
Are you looking for a taste of diversity in Brussels? A blend of nationalities, cultures, arts, music, gastronomy etc. awaits. Our guides will bring you to the cosmopolitan quarters of Brussels where various cultures mix. Come and experience a visit that departs from traditional Brussels.

Brussels on the water
Outings on the water are possible even in Brussels! Go on a cruise on the canal with your family, friends or just the two of you. Our guides will also explain the functionality and history of the different waterways in Brussels. You will discover the hidden sides of the Senne.


Brussels and the comic strip
Brussels is the native land of Tintin and Spirou, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and the Daltons, Bob and Bobette and the famous Quick & Flupke just to cite the most well known have made children of all ages throughout the world dream, tremble and laugh. Come visit every corner of the city in the company of these lovable characters, immortalised in giant format on nearly 50 side walls of residential buildings.


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