Street Art in Brussels

Street Art in Brussels
For a little more than a year, Chloé Saelens has been concentrating on photographing urban art in Brussels, having been touched by the freedom of expression and exposition of street art in the city. With that said, the real reason that this Facebook page dedicated to this form of guerilla art has been created is simply that no one has made the effort to create one until now. Since August 2012, she has been roaming the streets of our beloved city on the hunt for graffiti, collages, and other forms of expression, with the goal of sharing them with all lovers of street art. For her, this is a way to pay homage to her adoptive city but also to help raise awareness and recognition for the myriad of street artists working in Brussels. Though she takes most of the photos herself, she also posts interesting pieces that are sent through by friends and specialists - we can't have eyes everywhere. Anybody who wants to take a look at Brussels through a different lens is invited to join!


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