Goupil le Fol

Goupil le Fol

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rue de la Violette 22 / 22 Violetstraat
1000 - Bruxelles / Brussel

Tel : 02/511 13 96

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Bar (French chanson) - We love Goupil! For its dimly-lit labyrinthine layout with weird decor, for its juke box that plays Piaf, Brel or Ferré non-stop until the wee small hours, for its insomniac, chocolate-dispensing owner, for its fruity wines and, well, and for its good old cosy couches that you can sink into slowly.

Open every day from 8 p.m. til very late

Here you find other ideas for places to visit or events to do in Brussels, not taking into account the appreciation of other visitors for these places, nor for the area, the profile or the same experience.

  • L'Ultime Atome
  • Bar du Matin

    Bar du Matin

    A friendly place and very interesting musical programme from jazz to electro, chanson to world music!
  • Soleil (Au)

    Soleil (Au)

    This is a very agreeable café in the centre of town, with an equally agreeable terrace that spills over onto a little pedestrian street.
  • L'Amour Fou

    L'Amour Fou

    Apart from a chill bar with tasty burgers, L’Amour Fou is a place live music and art rule! Convivial concerts, exhibitions changing every month, but also workshops, movies and sharing of the lust for life.
  • Cobra café

    Cobra café

    The Cobra has fun playing around with humour and surrealism, as demonstrated by the very funny "Niet op het gras komen A.U.B." - "Ne pas marcher sur le gazon" - "Don't walk on the grass" - a rather surrealist warning in a 100% urban setting that doubles up as an exhibition venue.


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